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Stage Entertainment

Hotels, bars, TV stations, discos,

theatres Parties, concerts,

firew orks p erform ances, t heatrical p erform ances

Ritual a ctivities Celebrations

A nniversary, a nniversary, opening, opening

Exhibition business

Venue, club, exhibition hall, a rena,New releases, signing ceremonies, sports meetings

Family Party

A party, birthday, anniversary

Enterprise target
Creating Famous Enterprises with International Competitiveness Helping Customers and Businessmen to Create the Best Competitive Advantage
People-oriented, efficiency first
Play the Employee's Principal Role and Create Excellent Achievements with High Efficiency
Be sincere and do things carefully
Be a conscientious and principled employee
Add: Building5 Zone4 Fireworks  Exhibition &
Trade Center Liuyang Hunan 410300 ,China
Tel +86 731 83165518
Mob +86 139 2824 3219
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